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The rules, regulations and law for Social Security Disability (SSD) benefits undergo periodic changes. The application process also can be a tedious and complex process. If you wish to apply, it is in your best interest to first consult an experienced lawyer to assist with your claim.

At the Law Offices of Gary F. Glenn, we represent those who are filing for SSD in all five boroughs of New York City, Winchester County and Long Island. With four decades of combined experience, our NY SSD attorneys are prepared to fully assess your situation to determine if you are eligible.

For help with your legal claim, send us an e-mail or call 800-641-9781. To reach our Melville office, call 631-423-0182. All messages are returned promptly.

Do I Qualify for Social Security Disability?

To qualify for SSD benefits, you generally need to:

  • Show that in the past 10 years you have had at least 20 quarters of work, unless you are under 30 years of age
  • Show that it is likely that you will be unable to be gainfully active for at least one year

In order to determine eligibility, the Social Security Administration will look at your employment history and the types of jobs you have done. They will also take into consideration any transferable skills that could be used in other occupations … your age, and the nature of your impairment and your education.

How Do I Obtain Benefits?

If you would like to apply for SSD benefits, contact our firm. We will evaluate your situation and advise you on the merit of your claim. If you are eligible, the steps are as follows:

  • Preparation and filing an application, including development of information from doctors and other pertinent evidence.
  • An examination by Social Security doctors. We can help prepare you for this phase.
  • Waiting for denial or approval of your application. This can take several months.
  • If your claim is denied, the next step is to request a hearing before an administrative law judge.
  • Preparation for testimony at the hearing and a written summary argument to the judge.
  • Attend the hearing and await a final decision.

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