Appealing A Denied Social Security Disability Claim

Many people will file their own application for Social Security Disability Benefits because they erroneously believe that an attorney will be expensive and unnecessary. Most of these people will be denied benefits because they did not have the counsel that they needed in order to succeed. Yet, they do not realize that firms like us won't ask for any legal fee unless they are granted their benefits and we limit the fee to only 25% of their past due benefits. Once they have been approved, they will receive 100% of all continuing future benefits.

In addition, we are familiar with the rules, regulations and case law involved. Getting benefits is a lot more complex than people may initially realize. The appeal process will eventually lead to a Hearing held before an Administrative Law Judge. That judge will be basing their decision on the regulations and law that governs the Social Security Administration. We have appeared before various Social Security Administrative Law Judges thousands of times over the past 35 years and are thoroughly familiar with the procedure. It's a good idea to have our experience working for you.

It is not unusual to be denied for your initial request for Social Security Disability Benefits. Most letters of denial that are sent out by the Social Security Administration will indicate that the individual's evidence does not warrant a finding of disability because the condition is not severe enough. Unfortunately, too many people get discouraged and do not continue on to the appeal stage. They simply give up. Obviously, that can save the Government a lot of money but you may be doing yourself a disservice.

Our Firm will be glad to evaluate your matter. We understand your concerns and that it's difficult to deal with a government agency when you are trying to also deal with your debilitating condition. We are available to help you through the process of applying for your disability benefits from the Social Security Administration.

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