Social Security Disability


Becoming Disabled

Most of us never plan to become severely impaired nor do we fully realize the devastation that illness can bring upon the household. Not only must you contend with your physical and emotional strife, but now your inability to earn any income causes a financial crisis as well. Expenses such as food and shelter continue to accumulate even if you cannot earn a living.

Are You Eligible?

Generally, you'll need a certain amount of work credits, which varies depending upon one's age. Also, your impairment must be expected to prevent you from substantial gainful activity on a sustained basis for at least one year. This does not mean that you need to wait for a year to apply for benefits. It only has to be likely that your condition will last one year or more.

Applying for Benefits

It is best to seek legal counsel at the beginning of the process, prior to filing an application. We have applications in our office. Obtaining proper evidence and guidance from the start will increase your likelihood of success. Our firm will file the necessary papers on your behalf, if we accept your case.

Other Eligibility Factors

The Social Security Administration, in deciding your claim, may also consider your age, education, and work experience. Another factor to be considered is your "residual functional capacity". Although you may be disabled from performing your usual work as a painter, plumber or carpenter, perhaps you could work at a less demanding job. Thus, vocational criteria may affect your eligibility for benefits.

Retroactive Benefits

If you are granted benefits, then you may receive retroactive money as well as your monthly payments. You may be paid past due benefits as far back as one year from the date that you filed your application. One does not receive benefits for the first five months that they are considered to be disabled. Certain dependents may also receive benefits.

Denial of Benefits

Too often, people who are unable to work because of their impairment give up their pursuit for disability benefits. As soon as they receive their first denial letter they simply throw in the towel. That can be a very costly mistake. It's a good idea to call us for a free consultation.

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