Nonunion Fractures

Nonunion of a fracture is where the bone permanently fails to heal properly after being broken. Frequently, scar tissue can form between unhealed fragments thereby preventing union. The symptoms of a non union are usually pain, swelling and tenderness in the area where the fracture originated. People with a nonunion fracture in their legs usually have trouble bearing weight and walking as well.

Nonunion Fractures have various causes including chronic diseases such as diabetes, improper blood supply, infection and instances where the area that was fractured was improperly stabilized.

People suffering from nonunion fractures where the bone did not heal properly have surgical and non surgical options. Non surgical options include braces or electrical stimulation. In cases where this does not work, surgery may be necessary in order to help facilitate the healing process.

Serious Nonunion Fractures can lead to an inability of performance of many normal functions of employment and daily living. A physician should evaluate and monitor an individual's condition.

As with other impairments, it's always a good idea to have your treatment records include your symptoms. It is usually a good idea to prepare a list of your symptoms and remind your doctor of the complete list of symptoms which you are experiencing so that they are written as part of your record.

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