Multiple Sclerosis (MS)

M.S. is a disease that attacks the central nervous system which includes the brain, spinal cord and optic nerves. Symptoms can vary greatly and become mild or debilitating. Some symptoms include loss of vision, cognitive difficulties, severe fatigue, numbness of arms or legs, poor balance, tremors, etc. There is a large amount of research taking place in order to try to find a cure. MS is an autoimmune disease where one's own defense system attacks "myelin" which is the substance protecting the nerve fibers of the central nervous system. When this myelin sheath (or nerve fiber) is damaged then the result is a distortion or interference with nerve impulses that travel within the central nervous system.

Usually, the disease is broken down into four different types of categories:

  1. Relapsing-Remitting: This involves flare-ups followed by remission without progression of the disease itself.
  2. Primary-Progressive: This is where the MS slowly worsens over time without distinct periods of relapsing and remitting symptoms.
  3. Secondary- Progressive: This is where subsequent to the initial period of time of relapsing-remitting MS, the disease steadily worsens. This can include periods of relapse and remission.
  4. Progressive-Relapsing: This is the rarest form of MS which occurs in approximately 5% of patients with MS. It involves steady worsening of the disease from the onset.

This disease is a neurological disorder that is unpredictable and chronic but affects many people differently.

The majority of people suffering from MS do not become severely disabled. New medications and research are always evolving and offering hope to those who suffer from this disease. For more information, visit

It is important that your treating doctor note your symptoms as part of your records. It is usually a good idea to prepare a list of your symptoms and remind your doctor of the complete list of symptoms which you are experiencing.

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