Must Reconsider Duty Pension Bid


Acting State Supreme Court Justice Norman C. Ryp has directed the Police Pension Fund's Board of Trustees to reconsider an accident-disability pension application of a former Police Officer it retired on ordinary disability.

In August 1979, Officer Henry Meyer, responding to an emergency call while on duty, fell from a fence, injuring his neck and back. In denying him a line-of-duty pension, generally 75 percent of salary, the board stated that Officer Meyer's injuries merely triggered the surfacing of an otherwise dormant condition of ankylosing spondylitis, a form of arthritis.

Dr. Clarence G. Robinson, the Police Department's Chief Surgeon, testified that the petitioner's disability was unrelated to his neck and back injury.

In vacating the board's decision and remanding the matter back for reconsideration, Justice Ryp noted that the vote of the board on Officer Meyer's accident-disability application was a tie, 6-6, "reflecting the closeness of the issues for determination," he said.

The retired officer was represented by attorney Gary Glenn.